Electrical harnesses realisation

Service fast

  • Delivery: < 15 days
  • Quote: 1 to 5 days
  • Rush Service


  • Quality : > 4,5 sigma
  • On Time delivery > 99%

In Summary

  • Annual delivery of 1500000 items
  • Batches of 1 to 10000
  • 1500 different items per year

Connexion Technic

Peace of mind in the manufacturing of cables, wiring and electrical harnesses.

Manufacturer of electrical harnesses

Since 1994, Connexion Technic specializes in the manufacture and subcontracting of wire, electric harnesses, electrical and mechanical systems. Leaders in the electrical harness industry, Connection Technic has developed a unique expertise in several areas of applications. From high-technology, through the military industry, to the medical sector Connexion Technic fits the specifications and features of all business activities.


At Connexion Technic, the relationship with our clients is a priority. Our team of experts keeps a close and personalized approach in the elaboration of our clients’ projects. From the stage of the conception to the delivery, Connexion Technic always assists and advises its clients so that they can put forward their projects successfully.


The experience and the knowledge of our employees is what makes Connexion Technic’s success. Our highly experienced and qualified team allows us to offer a large variety of products: